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  • The Biggest Leg Burn with Mimi

    The title says it all, get ready to be using some extremely colourful language to curse Mimi as you walk up any flight of stairs tomorrow.

  • Arm and Core with Mimi

    Looking for a burn that lasts longer than the 15 minutes you're exercising? Say hello to Arms and Core with Mimi.

  • Slow Stretchy Kiki with Chloe

    Feeling like some R+R? Find it in this stretchy Kiki with Chloe. It's like a massage... but different.

  • Kiki - Hip Flexor Focus

    Been sitting down a bit more than usual? Get ready to get some strength and length in those hip flexors.

  • Traditional Kiki with Mimi and Chloe

    That traditional Kiki - an all over burn with a sweet, sweet stretch at the end.

  • Intermediate Chair Grooves with Mimi

    Get ready for a groovy routine that'll be stuck in your head for weeks!

  • Firey 13 Minute Abs with Chloe

    Got 13 minutes? Well, get ready for a long lasting burn with this killer core workout! You'll be wet with sweat.

  • Advanced Floor with Mimi

    Get ready for big beats and hard moves across the floor with Mimi! Clear some room, you're going to need it!

  • Arm Burner with Chloe

    Looking for some arm work to make inverts easier and planks a little longer? Chloe's here to give you exactly what you're looking for.

  • Kiki-it (Kiki + HIIT) with Mimi and Chloe

    Want to sweat? You've stumbled across your MVP. Pop some sneakers on and get moving!

  • Chest Stands with Mimi

    Why stand on your feet when you can stand on your chest? Nail this advanced floor work move with Mimi.

  • Jade Splits (floor based) with Mimi

    Floor jade splits! Because who doesn't want to drop to the dance floor and do a split... upside down...

  • Chair leg waves and splits with Chloe

    Learn how to leg wave and split on your dining room chair with Chloe!

  • Chair Routine with Chloe

    Learn a full, sexy chair routine with Chloe! Looking for a beginners session? Seek out Mimi's chair routine before attempting this one! Dance with Chloe to Partition by Beyonce!

  • Kiki - Obliques Focus

    Get ready for an amp up, besties, because you're about to host a sweat fest and your obliques are invited. Sweat your way through this spicy 50 minutes to which there is no cucumber raita to assist in the cool down. Get your water because you're going to need it to pour all over yourself on compl...

  • Kiki - Glute and Arm Focus

    Buns and biceps? That's clickbait if we've ever seen it! Get your peaches working and arms burning! Mimi and Chloe take you through this full length Kiki, which, as Mimi describes, is an extra-burny-burn.

  • Kiki - Middle Split Focus

    Hello centre stage! Mimi and Chloe bring you a full length Kiki with an emphasis on warming up everything you need to slide into those illustrious middle splits!

  • Shoulder Rolls with Chloe

    Love sliding into DMs? We think shoulder rolls are the real life version. Slip and slide with Chloe. She takes you through all progressions of shoulder rolls, from a simple knee down all the way through to an advanced progression.

  • Elbow Stands with Mimi

    Welcome to the magical world of stands with Mimi! Todays lesson covers elbow stands, covering just starting out all the way to the scorpio progression. Find yourself a mat, get ready to roll over, and have some fun!

  • Point, flex, sickle and turn outs with Mimi!

    Don't sickle that walk, sissy it! Join Mimi for a lesson in point technique that goes back to basics and will have your dancing look anything but!
    Great for those new to dance or needing a refresher after a break.
    No equipment required, though we recommend you have a chair or bench nearby.

  • Lap Dance with Chloe

    Let's be real, we've all at least thought about doing this, even if we weren't sure how to approach it.
    No dance experience? Don't let that stop you!
    This routine is simple with expert tips from Chloe to leave you feeling irresistible. We know you have it in you.

  • Body Roll Tutorial

    Grinding in your body rolls like that sleazy guy in the club? Not after this tutorial. Learn techniques to slink around the pole and on the floor that'll have you mesmerising yourself in the mirror thinking 'who ARE they?'
    No equipment required.

  • Toast (Russian) Tutorial with Mimi

    The Toast (also known as a Russian) is a dynamic floor move to add to your repertoire. Whether you have tried this before, or just need a bit more practice, Mimi provides step by step instructions and technique tips to give your Toast the wow factor! Suitable for those new to Floor through to Adv...

  • Kiki - Cardio Focus

    Whoever said 'Go hard or go home' had never experienced an online Kiki. Get ready to go hard at home with this one! This extended full body workout will have your blood pumping, heart racing and your cheeks sore with laughter.