Splits with Mimi

Splits with Mimi

The elusive splits... Everybody wants them - whether it's to assist with your pole work, to increase your mobility, or to have a go to party trick (yes, we know you that well). This 3 part series (cough, ménage à trois - because who doesn't love those) will get you sliding into our dms, oops, the splits. With the view to tack them onto the end of your chosen workout, three times a week. We know time is precious, so it's a 10, 15 and 20 minute video a week. Repeat them every week and record your progression, we love to see it!

Splits with Mimi
  • Splits with Mimi - Video 1

    Got 20 minutes? You got splits! Get warm baby, because you'll be stretching it out with Mimi in this long stretch which guides you through the best stretches for splits. Make sure you check out the other two videos in this series!

  • Splits with Mimi - Video 2

    Get ready to move with this 15 minutes of splitting power. Mimi will guide you through big dynamic movements to loosen up those hamstrings and hip flexors.

  • Splits with Mimi - Video 3

    It's time to flex it one last time in this quick fix for splits with Mimi. Got 10 minutes? She's got the perfect suite of exercises to keep your splits training on track and progressing.